Technical management

Are you struggling for technical resource?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of technical knowledge people expect of you?
Are you worried about the safety of your products?
If you have answered YES to any of the above then we can help.

The Technical Needs of a Business

Hardly a day goes by without some food safety issue being raised in the media.  It may be a product recall due to incorrect allergen information on the pack, the prosecution of a bakery due to a severe and poorly managed pest infestation problem, or the publication of some new labelling regulations. The technical remit of a business is vast and for a non-technical person can be over whelming.

Why don’t you buy this expertise in and use your valuable time to concentrate on other business needs?

Clear Compliance Regular or Interim Technical Support

Catherine can provide you with technical support on a regular basis (e.g. one day per month), to keep your technical systems up to date and ticking over. We can also offer you interim technical cover whilst your technical manager is away or whilst you recruit a new one.

Clear Compliance Approach

Catherine’s background is in technical management, initially with a blue chip food company and more recently providing technical support both as an interim and on a regular basis to local food businesses.

Catherine will ensure that the support maintains your product safety, meets your customer requirements and satisfies your business needs.