Food Service & Hospitality – Food Safety Management Systems

Go above and beyond your legal requirements

Has your EHO told you to improve your food safety standards including your HACCP plan?
Have you outgrown Safer Food Better Business and want a food safety system that is bespoke to your operation?
Do you want to raise your food safety standards to the best they can be?
If you have answered yes to any of these then this support is for you.

As a consumer facing business you should not be happy with anything less than a Food Hygiene 5 Star Rating. You may even want to go above and beyond the Food Hygiene Rating requirements and have a food safety management system that is more robust and is fit for today’s ever changing food safety challenges.

A food safety management system that is the best it can be.

Clear Compliance Support:

  • Guidance on your business needs.
  • A review of your current systems to ensure you continue to satisfy your Local Authority, with ongoing maintenance and review.
  • Let me be your critical friend and provide you with a detailed review of your food safety management system and operational activities against best practice.
  • Creation of a food safety management system that meets your legal requirements, the growing needs of your business and is fit for today’s food safety challenges.
  • HACCP (development, implementation, verification, review and /or maintenance) (Read More)
  • Recall / Traceability Systems
  • Labelling / Shelf life Advice
  • Provision of a dedicated phone line for confidential reporting / whistleblowing.
  • Training in Food Safety, HACCP, Allergens and Labelling (Read More)

Clear Compliance Approach

Catherine has lots of experience in helping companies achieve and maintain 5 Star Food Hygiene Ratings, as well as creating bespoke food safety systems.

Catherine has generic electronic documented systems that meet many of the requirements. During the project Catherine will work closely with you to understand your business, products and process and ensure these documents are modified so they are suitable and practical to use. Catherine will also ensure that you understand the system and can confidently work with it.

Food Safety System – The Next Step:

  • Personalised by You – ***BUY ME***

An off the shelf food safety system designed for caterers / hospitality / food service / retail businesses that have outgrown Safer Food Better Business.

This can be used as the basis for a bespoke food safety system

After a few tweaks to ensure the systems reflects your business your new food safety system can be up and running and providing you with peace of mind.

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