Compliance including HACCP

Meet all of your compliance requirements with support from Clear Compliance

Have you been told your HACCP plan is not fit for purpose?
Are you worried that your allergen management system is not robust enough?
Do you need another pair of eyes to look over your food safety systems?
Do you want some advice about your labels?
Do you need nutrition data calculating for your products?
If you have answered yes to any of these then Clear Compliance support is for you.

Allergen Management

The biggest cause of product recalls on the FSA website is due to incorrect allergen information on packaging.

In order to reduce the chance of this happening to one of your products, you need to have a system to identify the allergens you have on your premises, as well as managing them to minimise cross contamination, and then provide accurate allergen information to your customers.

Catherine has a special interest in allergen management and can help you develop your allergen management system, whether it is for manufacturing or food service.

Catherine can also deliver a bespoke allergen training course to your team (Read More)


With a Lead Auditor Qualification as well as being a SALSA Auditor Catherine is ideally placed to meet your auditing needs. Whether you are looking for supplier audits, pre-audits, internal audits or annual system reviews, Catherine will be able to provide you with an independent audit that is thorough, rational and yet realistic, leaving you with an audit report that is detailed yet clear.

Confidential Reporting / Whistleblowing

Catherine can provide you with a contact number for a dedicated phone line for confidential reporting / whistleblowing.

Documentation / System Updating

Having a documented food safety system that is well structured, easy to manage and clear to use is every company’s dream, but not always every company’s reality.

Why don’t you use Catherine to review your system: either to review and recommend for the way forward or to physically make those changes so you don’t have to?


All food businesses are legally required to have a documented food safety plan in place known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). This must accurately reflect the operation, be current and be regularly reviewed.

With a Level 4 RIPH HACCP Certificate as well as being  a SALSA approved HACCP trainer Catherine’s passion for food safety is shown in her knowledge and implementation of HACCP.  Catherine has well recognised templates for the HACCP documentation that are practical and systematic to use.  Catherine will work closely with you to develop the plan, ensuring that it is bespoke for your operation, meets your business needs, is straight forward to implement and, just as importantly, ensure you understand it and can confidently talk about it. (Read More)

Label Checks

Labelling legislation is getting increasingly complicated. Having pre-packed products on the market that do not meet the legal requirements does not inspire customer confidence and may result in prosecution.

Catherine has a special interest in labels and as well as reviewing pack copies for  major retailers, is a key member of the SALSA Labelling Team delivering the SALSA Labelling Course in the North and advises on label content. (Read More)

Catherine can review your labels, ensuring they accurately reflect your product as well as meet legislative requirements. You will be provided with a Label Check Report summarising the findings.

Specification Writing

It is a requirement of food safety / quality standards, and also of many customers,  that finished product specifications are available.

Catherine can help you create a template that is appropriate for your product type and can help you create the specifications for each individual product.

Supplier Approval

Ensuring you are buying from reputable suppliers, and having evidence of this, is a pre-requisite in the food industry today.

Catherine works on supplier approval projects with companies: firstly ensuring they have a documented, robust approval process in place and then formally approving all ingredient and contact packaging suppliers. Catherine can also carry out supplier approval audits if required.

Nutrition Data Calculations

It is a requirement that pre-packed foods have nutrition data on pack.  Catherine has a software package that can do this calculation for you, providing you with data per 100g, per portion and / or for front of pack lozenges.