Ensure your HACCP plan is fit for purpose and meets legal requirements

Have you been told that your HACCP plan is not fit for purpose?
Have you been told to review your HACCP plan?
Do you need an independent review of your HACCP plan?
Do your staff need HACCP training?
If you have answered "YES" to any of these then HACCP support is for you.


EC Directive 852/2004 requires all food business operators, manufacturers, retailers, food service and wholesalers alike to have a documented Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan in place that is current and regularly reviewed.

This is a documented food safety system that looks at your process flow and identifies food safety hazards – such as chemical, physical and microbiological hazards – that may occur at each process step. Any hazards identified have to be controlled by ways of working to ensure they do not become unsafe.  Some hazards may be identified as critical control points, which means they are essential to the safety of your product and therefore have to be monitored and corrective action taken if they get out of control.

If you are a small food service or retail operation it might be that Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) from the Food Standards Agency is right for you. As you become more established you will outgrow SFBB, and as a manufacturer or wholesaler, whatever your size, you will need a HACCP plan that has been developed for your process and for your products.

Clear Compliance Support:

  • The development of a documented HACCP plan based on the Codex principles that accurately reflects your products and process.
  • Support with implementation of the HACCP plan.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the HACCP plan including updates when changes occur and an annual review.
  • A Gap Analysis comparing your current HACCP plan with the requirements of legislation and / or a third party standard.
  • A review of an established HACCP plan to make it more streamlined and user friendly.
  • Validation of critical control points.
  • The development and implementation of pre-requisites (e.g. good manufacturing controls such as personal hygiene and training required to underpin a good HACCP plan).
  • Training in Understanding HACCP, a SALSA Level 2, IFST accredited course. (Read More)

Clear Compliance Approach

With a Level 4 RIPH HACCP qualification underpinning her HACCP knowledge and lots of experience in reviewing and developing HACCP plans, Catherine is ideally placed to provide you with HACCP support.

Catherine has well recognised templates for the HACCP documentation that are practical to use and clearly follow the process from the writing of the scope, through the development of the process flow, the identification of hazards and their control measures, the use of a Decision Tree to identify CCPs and the CCP summary as well as the generation of an annual review agenda.

During the project Catherine will work closely with you to understand your business, products and process, ensuring  your HACCP plan reflects your operation accurately. Catherine will also ensure that you learn about HACCP during the process and can confidently talk about it.

As an approved SALSA HACCP trainer,Catherine has delivered HACCP courses – both regional SALSA organised courses and on-site courses for individual companies.