Ensure your kitchen appliance is fit for purpose and your recipes are safe to eat

Do you need your kitchen appliance testing in a consumer setting?
Do you have appliance KPIs that need validating?
Do you need your recipes reviewing for food safety before they are published?
If you have answered "YES" to any of these then Clear Compliance support is for you.


Ensuring that a new kitchen appliance will meet your customer expectations is always a challenge. It must be designed to be safe to use  as well as being functional, practical and perform the same, time after time. Testing it in a consumer environment is crucial to finding out about its performance capabilities and ensuring it will meet your business appliance criteria as well as the expectations of the consumer.


Ensuring published recipes are not going to cause consumer harm is the priority of any recipe publishing company.  Why not have a food safety expert review your recipes and give them the all clear before going to press?

Clear Compliance Support:

  • The testing of kitchen appliances in a consumer setting.
  • Running test recipes through the appliance and ensuring equipment KPIs are met.
  • Reviewing consumer recipes to ensure they are food safe.

Clear Compliance Approach

Catherine has tested kitchen appliances for a number of established and well known appliance manufacturers and understands the importance of following the recipes / instructions word by word to ensure performance can be compared, assessed and validated.

Catherine’s food safety knowledge can be applied in any situation and recipe review is one of those. Catherine can ensure that the ingredients and method will produce a safe product and that any shelf life statements are validated.