New Allergen Labelling for Foods Pre-Packed for Direct Sale

3rd March, 2020

Following recent and high-profile allergen related fatalities the government has published new legislation The Food Information (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2019 No 2018. Prior to […]

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Natasha’s Law – allergen labelling for pre-packed for direct sale food

2nd July, 2019

Currently, food and drink prepared and packaged on the site from which it is sold (known as pre-packed for direct sale, PPDS), does not […]

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New Acrylamide Legislation. Are you Ready?

7th March, 2018

Following the FSA ‘Go For Gold’ Campaign last year with the aim of reducing the amount of acrylamide we eat, the EU has taken […]

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Clostridium Botulinum Controls

2nd October, 2017

Interesting to see the recent product recall notifications, as a precautionary measure, by the FSA for failure of procedures to control clostridium botulinum. The […]

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Acrylamide News

6th March, 2017

The FSA has recently launched it’s Go for Gold campaign to make the public aware of the risks of overcooking some foods and causing acrylamide […]

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