Natasha’s Law – allergen labelling for pre-packed for direct sale food

Currently, food and drink prepared and packaged on the site from which it is sold (known as pre-packed for direct sale, PPDS), does not have to have allergen information on the label. This has caused some confusion with customers, some believing that because there are no allergens on the label there are no allergens in the product.
However, this will shortly change because a new piece of legislation will require all PPDS food and drink to be labelled with an ingredient listing clearly stating the allergens they contain. Good news for allergenic customers.
The new legislation, due to be introduced this Summer and fully implemented by Summer 2021, should clearly define a PPDS product and clarify the format required for the ingredient listing.
There is no need to wait for the new legislation to be published though. Companies can start to prepare now by ensuring they have accurate allergen information for all of their raw materials and have a process in place for getting accurate allergen information onto their PPDS products.  The sooner this information goes on pack, the safer your allergenic customers will be.
If you want to discuss this further, please give me a call.