Open doors to new markets by gaining third party certification

Do you have a potential customer waiting for you to obtain third party certification before they will buy from you?
Do you want to be a strong contender in the marketplace?
Do you want to have more confidence in your food safety systems?
Do you want to reduce the number of customer audits you get?
If you have answered yes to any of these then third party certification is for you.

The Standards:

  • SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval)

SALSA is recognised as the leading food safety certification scheme for the UK’s small food and drink producers. It is widely accepted by retailers such as Asda and Ocado, and food service providers such as 3663 and Centre Parcs.  Once implemented, the SALSA standard requirements provide an excellent foundation for developing and managing your food safety systems as your business grows.  It is an ideal stepping stone to further certification such as BRCGS.

  • BRCGS Standards, including
    • Food Safety
    • Packaging
    • Storage & Distribution
    • Agents and Brokers
    • Retail

BRCGS are a set of internationally recognised safety and quality standards.  The requirements ensure that food / drink companies fulfil their food safety and legal responsibilities providing protection for the consumer.  They are often a fundamental requirement for supply into the major retailers.

All food safety standards include core safety and legality requirements, with additional needs bolted on.

Clear Compliance Support:

  • Guidance on which standard is best for you.
  • The development of a documented food safety management system that meets the requirements of the chosen standard and meets the needs of your business.
  • Support with implementation of the new systems, preparation for audit and attendance at the audit if desired.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the system including system updates, internal audits, HACCP review and annual SALSA review.
  • A Gap Analysis comparing your current system with the requirements of the desired standard.
  • A review of an established food safety system to make it more streamlined and user friendly.
  • Provision of a dedicated phone line for confidential reporting / whistleblowing.
  • Training in Food Safety, HACCP, Allergens and Labelling see training.

Clear Compliance Approach:

As an approved member of the IFST Register of Professional Food Auditors and Mentors, an IFST Registered Food Safety Manager and a SALSA Auditor and Mentor, Catherine has worked with many companies to help them achieve and maintain certification.

Catherine has generic electronic documented systems that meet many of the standard requirements. During the project Catherine will work closely with you to understand your business, products and process and ensure these documents are modified so they are suitable and practical to use. Catherine will also ensure that you understand the system and can confidently work with it.