Ensure your staff have the skills they need to help your business grow

Do your staff lack basic food hygiene and safety training?
Do your staff understand enough about HACCP to write your HACCP plan?
Do you worry that your staff may cause an allergen incident due to lack of training?
Do you have a lack of label requirement knowledge within the business?
If you have answered yes to any of these then Clear Compliance course delivery is for you.

Training Requirements

Staff training is a fundamental requirement for all food handling businesses. As part of your due diligence systems you should have a detailed Training Policy as well as documented evidence of training.

Legislation requires that food handlers are trained in food hygiene commensurate with their work and also requires staff responsible for the development and maintenance of the company HACCP plan to have adequate training in the application of HACCP principles.

As well as satisfying your legal responsibilities you should also be able to demonstrate staff training on induction as well as training in personal hygiene, allergens, CCPs, work instructions etc.

Staff responsible for generating labels will benefit from Labelling training to ensure that they have a good general understanding of the requirements in the Labelling Regulations, as well as more specific product label requirements.

Clear Compliance Training Courses:

  • Level 2 Understanding HACCP

A SALSA course that is IFST accredited.

  • Food Labelling

A SALSA course that covers the requirements of the EC Food Information for Consumers Labelling Regulation 1169/2011.

  • Level 2 Food Safety Refresher

A half day course that reminds staff about fundamental food safety requirements.

  • Allergen Awareness

A course that is bespoke to your business and the allergens that you handle.

Clear Compliance Approach

With many years of experience in technical roles in the food industry as well as a Level 4 RIPH HACCP qualification, a Level 4 CIEH Food Safety qualification and a Training Qualification (PTTLS) Catherine is ideally placed to deliver your training courses.

As an approved SALSA HACCP trainer and SALSA Labelling trainer, Catherine delivers both types of courses: regional courses centrally arranged by SALSA and on-site courses arranged for individual companies.

Catherine will get to know your products and process before the course to ensure the course is meaningful and relevant to your operation.