Bettys and Taylors

Bettys and Taylors Technical Support including Food Hygiene Ratings, Food Safety Systems, Interim Technical Management, Supplier Approval, Auditing and Training

Catherine has worked on various projects for Bettys over the last few years. She has always worked with professionalism and enthusiasm, is self motivated and detail orientated and has made a significant difference to the business.

One of Catherine’s first projects was to help to revive our Catering food safety system; ensuring we continued to maintain our 5 Star Ratings.  Catherine worked closely with our food safety team, putting a lot of thought and expertise into designing a more up to date system that was appropriate for the business.

Catherine developed our HACCP system first of all, ensuring all identified operational food safety controls were incorporated into documented procedures which became part of a systematic Food Safety Policy.

This was of great benefit to us; bringing our food safety systems up to date and ensuring consistency of approach across our multiple site operation.

For seven months we needed an Interim Technical Manager in the bakery and, already being familiar with the people and the systems, Catherine was the ideal choice.

Over the years we have used various third party auditors for our annual bakery audit. Catherine has been one of these auditors and we have always found Catherine’s work to be very useful, collaborative and to a high standard.

More recently Catherine has supported our in-house training programme, delivering some of our food safety refresher courses.

Catherine always works diligently on her projects.  She is very thorough in her approach, brings a lot of experience to the table and collaborates well with our staff.

Rhoda Bowers, Group Technical Manager, Bettys